About Us

Our Spa design-forward environment that appeals to both men & women

A specialized place for Spa Therapy and Spa Massage Therapy, we take you back to nature. The spa has an answer for all the health troubles faced by us today. Besides conducting specialized treatments, we also do beauty and rejuvenation therapy. There are specialized treatments in the spa that caters to each part of your body. Spa therapy makes the most of nature in any treatment. With relaxing surroundings, innovative treatments, and a talented massage therapist & team, ALLORA Spa is designed to nurture your body, invigorate you’re sensed, and relax your mind.

Who We Are

The Allora Spa is designed for the modern-day business traveler, with trendy featuring sleek. The massage therapists at ALLORA Spa are expertly qualified with innovative massage skills. Fulfill your desire to look the very best with the help of ALLORA Spa

ALLORA offers a wide range of holistic therapies to help you improve your inner peace. These therapies are designed for the hectic and modern lifestyle of Dubai. Be it a Relaxing Massage, Body Treatments, or Morrocan bath,  facial and Manicure pedicure,