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Four Hands Massage is a full body therapeutic experience as two therapists perform a synchronized body massage

A four-hand massage is the practice of two Therapist working together on a single massage client. It
doubles the pleasure of a massage. Together the two therapist get to work on relieving your kinks, knots,

and stresses with simultaneous, mirrored movements.

Good massage therapists will use the client’s body as a form of canvas onto which they choreograph
slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures. There are a number of different styles of four-hand
massage. Four-hand massage is generally more expensive than other forms of massage, since two

therapists must be compensated for their time and skill.
Why get a Four – Hands Massage?

When two therapists and four hands hit your body, your mind reacts differently. At first you might find
yourself trying to keep track of the therapists, where each one is and what each one is doing, struggling
to keep it all in a very logical order in your head. But very quickly your brain realizes it’s not sure who is
doing what, and gives up control. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go

during treatments and it also helps to improve your blood circulation.


What They Say

A man’s touch never felt so good. Just what I needed.”

Wow! I feel ten years younger! which is highly appreciated on my 30th birthday!.”

Feeling 100 X better. Fantastic as always. Thanks Allora!
See you when I get back from Australia!.”

A man’s touch never felt so good. Just what I needed.”

A man’s touch never felt so good. Just what I needed.”

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